Friendship bracelet

Friendship bracelet

I remember

I remember the day

When we met the first time.

Then you showed me the way

How to feel very high


And that feeling was real...

I just could't believe...

So we made a big deal

That you will never leave.

Mingailė Žemaitytė (Mailės Dainė)

„With those bracelets, give you my friendship, and if you want, you can share with me yours” ( We )

It is said that amber should be gifted – friendship should be too. A friendship bracelet is a bracelet given by one person to another as a symbol of friendship. Friendship bracelets were invented by Native Americans as a symbol of friendship. In Baltic states amber bracelets was given to the sailors by their wive because sea returns amber to the coast as she must return the man to the coast. Now amber friendship bracelet is given for the leaving person to return. Now they are popular throughout the world. According to tradition, when amber friendship bracelets is tied to the wrists: one wish & one secret can born. The amber friendship bracelets should be worn until it is totally worn-out and falls off by itself, at which moment the wish is supposed to come true.

Ritual of giving bracelet :

The reciever close his eyes and stretch out his hand . The friendship giver put both bracelets in his hands and say :

,, With those bracelets I give you my friendship, and if you want you can share with me yours <3 ”.

If the reciever accepts friendship he gifts one of bracelet by putting it on the givers wrist. If there is a doubt reciever can take day with bracelets to think.

If answer is no, bracelets could not be returned, but, as friendship amber, should be gifted.

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